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A Direct Path to Making a Meaningful Difference

In December 2021, Eisner Health partnered with The Change Reaction, a private foundation located in Los Angeles, creating an Angel Fund to provide micro-grants to patients and their families experiencing a short-term crisis. Our case management team has been empowered to use the Angel Fund to provide financial support to families in need, thereby amplifying […]

Micro-Grants for Caregivers: The Right to Rest and Recover Fund

It’s heartbreaking when our patients have to choose between working to earn a living or taking time off to take care of themselves or a loved one, often forgoing the day’s wages to do so. Eisner Health has partnered with Good+Foundation to provide caretakers and their families with microgrants through the Right to Rest and Recover Fund. Launched in November 2021, this new Fund has provided 100 caregivers […]

Reports from the Frontlines: Providing COVID-19 Vaccines in Los Angeles

As the COVID-19 virus threatened to overwhelm the nations’ hospitals in March 2020, community clinics served as the first line of defense for residents. The Eisner Health team worked on the front lines to combat the COVID-19 pandemic and keep our communities safe. As we near the end of 2021, Eisner Health continues to be […]

Eisner Health Partners with National Health Foundation to Support Healthcare Equity

Pictured:  A recovering patient getting some fresh air at the facility at the Pico-Union site. In March 2021, Eisner Health began a new partnership with the National Health Foundation’s Pico-Union Recuperative Care Center (NHF). Homeless patients who have recently been discharged from the hospital come to NHF, a 24-bed facility, for up to 3 weeks […]

Leeba Ruth Lessin bequeaths gift to Eisner Health’s Pediatric Department

Earlier this year, Eisner Health received a very generous estate gift from Leeba Lessin, a former pediatric patient of Eisner Health.  Her gift is dedicated to our pediatric department and a plaque will be placed in our downtown clinic to honor her life and her gift to Eisner Health.  Leeba Ruth Lessin was 62 when […]

Dedication of the Anita M. Baldwin Statue in Arcadia

Eisner Health was founded in Los Angeles, CA in March 1920 as the Anita M. Baldwin Hospital for Babies. Anita May Baldwin (1886-1939), from which we were named, was the daughter of Elias “Lucky” Baldwin, a successful business man, investor and real estate owner.  Born in 1886 in San Francisco, CA, Anita and her family […]

Eisner Health Receives Grant From S. Mark Taper Foundation

Grant will support care coordination efforts in hard-to-reach populations Eisner Health is grateful to announce a $75,000 unrestricted grant from the S. Mark Taper Foundation in support of care coordination efforts. These efforts are aimed at patients who have been hospitalized or had a visit to the emergency room, and help connect patients to after […]

As Families Drop Health Benefits Over ‘Public Charge’ Rule, Clinics Scramble to Respond

California Health Report By Claudia Boyd-Barrett • Aug 19, 2019 Soon after news broke last week of the Trump administration’s finalized “public charge” rule, benefit enrollers at the Eisner Health community clinic in downtown Los Angeles started getting phone calls. Patients enrolled in Medi-Cal, the state’s health insurance program for low-income people, and CalFresh, California’s food stamp […]