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Helping Our Pregnant Patients Through Dental Screenings – Dr. Rachal Liverman, Dentist

I had a pregnant patient that my dental assistant and I screened at our Women’s Health Center (“WHC”).  During her screening, she had a large abscess on a front/anterior mobile tooth and was in pain.  It was determined that the tooth needed to be extracted and she was given prescriptions that day to stop the pain and infection.  I saw her the next week, extracted the tooth and delivered her a partial denture the same day.  It was gratifying to know I helped to relieve her of her pain, helped her to have a safe pregnancy and cosmetically replaced a missing tooth.  For me, this situation really helped to reinforce the importance of the weekly dental screenings that are completed for our Eisner obstetric patients at the WHC.  She had not informed her provider about her tooth, but because my dental assistant and I had screened her, we helped her to continue with a safe pregnancy and prevent infection to the unborn child.