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How My Pharmacist Helped Control My Diabetes

Ella, who has been a patient at Eisner for several years now, is especially grateful to Dr. Nicole Alton in our Pharmacy department for teaching her how to control her Diabetes.  “Dr. Alton was available for me, answered all my questions and taught me how to inject my insulin.”  Ella was terrified of needles and having to use insulin, but the pharmacy team went above and beyond to ensure that she knew how to do it properly.  According to Ella, “Nicole instructed me how to keep a log of my sugar readings to control my Diabetes.  She also told me what to do if I felt ill, what to eat and even how to exercise.”

There were several instances when her medications were not covered, but our Pharmacy team made sure that she received her insulin and supplies at no cost.   Ella is very happy that our staff took an interest in her health and overall well-being.  Ella concluded by saying, “It’s because of Eisner that I am healthy and alive.  I will always be a patient here.”